The latest technology is invention of Human like Robot which has feeling and thinks like common man. The world’s first Robot citizen has name is SOPHIA .Sophia Robot is first time activate in year 2015 but new modification in this Robot done 2018.

Sophia Robot spoke first time in history at BRAIN BAR festival in Budapest, Hungry. She has appeared publicly to speak about women’s right issues. The Android made shocking news in October 2017, when Sophia was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia at the tech summit future investment initiative (FII) and more recently Sophia spoke a lot at BRAIN BAR festival which is best/largest festival of Europe. She has same feeling like a Human.

Recently at BRAIN BAR festival is laughed, smile and present two jokes. The Robot say at festival is that “I could not distinguish a human’s face from a dog’s face, but now I can. It’s already saved me from a few embarrassing situation.’’

The Sophia is programmed in such a way that Sophia think, speak and laugh like real Human being. Sophia gives answers of different question about gender issue in BRAIN BAR festival.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) invention called human robot which is firstly introduce in BRAIN BAR festival. For more technology updates connect with us!