The latest technology by plasma scientist is created invisible “Whistlers” In Lab. After many years’ research   scientists create latest technology which is invisible called “Whistlers”.

What Is Whistlers?

A sort of radio waves that bang its way around the Earth, Knocking out loose ion of electron of plasma field surrounding our planets and sending unique tones to radio detector so it’s called “Whistlers”.

Whistlers is basically created by during lightning strikes, usually travel along Earth’s magnetic field lines but our old ancestors/human detected these Whistlers sound in million of centuries ago we salute their abilities of our old ancestors.

Recently researchers from University of California and Los Angeles reported that they have produced Whistlers in Plasma. Plasma is fourth state of matter which is electrically active and difficult to control.

When scientist researched whistler in past they know little data about waves i.e. how the wave form, how they are shaped etc.

Firstly the detection of whistler was detected in near Jupiter on 1979 which tells that huge planet like Jupiter also have lightning storm like our Earth.

In this study scientist were able to control on magnetic field line of plasma and whistlers themselves. The scientist showed that whistlers necessarily bounce and reflect inside magnetic field.

Today researcher knows about how to shape whistler than even before. This is latest technology by plasma scientist to create invisible whistlers in lab. For more technology updates connect with us.
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