2-Online websites for making money:-    
These are an advance technology websites which is used for to make money.
v Top 4 best methods to make money online:-
Those websites in which we make money these websites are as below:- 
1       Blogging
2       V-logging
3       Freelancing
4       E-commerce
 Here we discuss one by one each method but in this post we discuss only Blogging.
                                     This is one of the best websites in which we can make money.Everyone think that how we can make money through blogging? Before giving this answer I tell you something about blogging.
What is Blogging?
Blogging:-The latest fields in technology where we can cash out our writing skills by using Internet based online platforms.
A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent post at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom.
A blog is website that function as a journal or diary or place to post your thoughts and opinion pertaining to a particular subject.
 Before making blog you must know these below terms:-
    Blog is as a website which is making in blogging platforms.
        A person who makes and run the blog is called Blogger.
Types of Blogs
Thereare two types of blog which are as following:-
1-Personal Blog:-
This type of blog is that blog which only one person can use.
This blog needs more effort for run.
2-Co-operate Blog:-
This is that blog which is run in group form and this blog needs little effort because in this blog we share many posts due to many members in this blog they gave many ideas so we easily optimize the blog.
v Top three websites were we make our blog in free:-
1         Www.Blogger.com
2         Www.wordpress.com
3         Www.freeblogit.com

v Positive Impacts of Blogging:-
1.       Blogging increase our writting skills.
2.       Blogging increase our vocabulary.
3.       It enhances our thinking skills.
4.       By using blogging we make money through google AdSense.
5.       Blogging gave us job opportunity.
6.       Blogger have more respect than any celebrity.
7.       After become professional blogger top universities invite you to attend university concerts.
8.       Blogging job is better than common company job.
9.       Blogging gave better opportunities for all people in the world.
10.   Blogging is best field for earn money.

How to make money through blogging?
Answer:-In this plateform we choose an topic and write many post about this topics before write you know that your content must be unique and don't any copyright content from any searching engines i.e. Google,Bing and Yahoo etc.Slowly your blog traffic increase and Google AdSense gives Different ad to your blog and you start earn money.

v Future scope of blogging:-
                                                                               Today only few millions peoples have blogs and Bloggers are most respective person in the world they are more famous than any celebrities. Every Blogger enjoy happy life with their families and Bloggers are their own bosses.