I mainly use Notepad++ and Sublime Text because those are very light and easily for download. Sublime text acts amazing after tuning .
  1.   Notepad++
    1. Install Zen Coding plugin. [Auto complete]
  2. Sublime Text
    1. Set yourself
      1. View-> Sidebar ->show sidebar
      2. View-> syntax ->php
    2. Multiple selection at a time
      1. Press Ctrl + mouse click on different place 
    3. SCSS auto complete not working
      1. Link
    4. Install
      1. First install package control: install package [package manage - recommended]
        1. Ctrl + Shift + p
      2. Emmet
        1. By default, Emmet allows you to expand abbreviations with Tab key in HTML, XML, HAML and CSS/SASS/LESS/Stylus documents.
      3. Code intel
        1. Auto complete
      4. Material theme
        1. Install file icon package [or read manual install]
      5. IconFiles
        1. File icons will show
      6. Install SCSS related plugins.
      7. PHPInit
        1. Auto complete php related function and objects.
      8. Install WordPress related plugins.