Introduction :

In this Blog I write advantage, disadvantage of technology and impacts of technology on society especially youngsters .After reading this Blog you know that How technology effect on Human Being for example mobile phone;-using mobile phone we communicate with our friends this is advantage and disadvantage is that use of mobile we become sick due to dangerous signals which mobile receive. Here we discuss further more technologies which effect on Human life style in both positive and negative manners.

Technology :

  Simply the technology mean ’’Those devices which reduce the Human effort and done the work in perfect manner”.
But according to dictionary its means” the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes”.
Below some top 3 technologies which change the life style of Human Beings all over the world which are following ;-
Every technology either it is small or big
It influence on Human Being .Great peoples say ’’It depend on a person How he/she use the technology. This means it depend on a person How he use the technology either in positive or negative manner.   Every technology gives us advantage and disadvantage it is up to you how you use any technology.
We discuss some technologies which effect on whole humanity either in positive or negative. These technologies are as following:-
1.                INTERNET      :-
                                          This is the latest technology which is making by American military officers in 1857 for communication and later it is modified and opened for public.
Today about more than 1.5 billion people use the internet. In internet people use different websites/searching engines i.e. Google, Gmail, Facebook and YouTube etc.
An internet has played a vital role to collect people in one platform so people say the world is like a global village.
Here we discuss some main websites in internet which have great impact in Human life.

 Social media websites includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest   and Instagram etc. These websites create great impact on Human especially youngster.

Ø    The social media is those platforms were they connect all the people in the world.
Ø    Mostly social media use for chatting or communicate with our friends.
Ø    By using social media websites we get information’s i.e. News, Books, Current affairs, and Magazines etc.
Ø    We share our feeling, emotions   in social media.
Ø    We also share our family trips, pictures and videos etc in social media.
Ø    In social media we have right to criticizes or comment on any post for example pictures, News etc. 
Ø    Social media have great power to share any local problem or issues.
Ø    Social media played vital role in updating  with world issues .
Ø    Social media help us to gain knowledge from different source.
Ø    Social media is powerful weapon against injustice.
Ø    Social media is normally used for friendship with anyone.
Ø    We share our personal thoughts against any News.
Ø    In social media we marketing our products, pages,websites and blogs etc.
Ø    We share our life style in social media.
   Social media have many positive impacts later we discuss furthermore its impacts.

Negative impacts of social media are as following:-
·         Wastage of time:-
                                 These websites waste the time once we use these websites we become addicted and we waste our time.A philosopher say that "you buy everything in your life except time".

Ø   Health problems:-
                                    These websites played vital role to increase health problems which are as following:-
²   Eye problems :- Eye problems occurs in people who use social media due to  plenty of time they use these websites which decrease their eye sight .This problem is mainly occur in youngster's and students.
²   Tired :- person who use these websites he/she become tired because of lots of time he/she used these websites at certain same place.
²   Stress :-this problem is mainly occur in youngster's . The stress is cause due to social media because person use lots of time and he didn't do any exercise properly.
²   Damage of neurons:-
                                      Recently this problem is find by Doctors due to use of social media.This problem effect the person in thinking level.this is occur when we saw posts in social media regularly it decrease thinking level by damaging the  neurons .A research institute serves in different universities last year they asked some simple questions from university student. The student didn't gave any correct answer so the researchers concluded that this problem is due to use of  social media i.e. Facebook.

Ø   Educational problems:-
                                         These websites decrease the thinking level so the student face failure in his life.Regularly use of these  websites the student feel tired and he didn't attend school at last he become failed.
Ø   Lose of thinking level:-
                                         Use of this type of technology the person lose his mentality and become servant of these websites.
  Here I discuss  a  serve on Facebook how Facebook effect the people mainly in underdeveloped countries.
The serve say that lots of peoples in millions use Facebook in underdeveloped countries if Facebook is closed for single month in these countries millions of peoples were died/suicide  them self.From this serve you think that how Facebook create great impact on human life style.

Here great questions are arise How we get rid from these websites? or How we reduce use of these websites? Or How we use these websites in positive manners?

    ...............THINK AND WRITE YOUR  ANSWER THROUGH COMMENT ...............

BUT According to my mentality I write some suitable answers which are as following:-

Ø   Awareness programs :-
                                         Gives awareness programs to youth,student and third world countries about negative impacts of internet especially social media.Aware  teacher to tells their student about this global issue.

Ø   Decrease the use of social media in schools,colleges and universities.

Ø   Fixed a specific time for used these websites.