Blogging tips 2018 are as following:-
1.Keep meaningful title:-
Give meaningful title to your blog because many people search your blog and they become impressed.
2.write extremely simple English:-
Always use simple English in your blog because from all over the world people easily read and understand your blog.
3.Don't copy text:-
    Don't copy your text from any searching engines i.e Google,yahoo and Bing etc.Always write an unique content in your blog.if you copy any text from searching engines i.e. Google your blog goes to black health marketing your content is detected by Web spiders.Web spiders have function to detect any copyright content so always write unique content.
4.Use Google adword:-
  Google AdWords are those words which are search millions of people in the world so kindly give that title to your blog which is search in Google in number of million.
5.LinkedIn Profile is Must:-
  LinkedIn is that social media website in which millions of professional people are  here in that platform. You marketing your blog through LinkedIn by post your blog URL.