• Human readable - Human can read and understand easily.
  • Plain text - Human readable text with no additional functionality like bold, italic, etc.
  • Rich text - Style text or formatted text.  
  • Markup language - Plain text document with syntax. Create rich text using plain text syntax.
  • Lightweight markup language - Markup language which is easy for human read.
  • Markdown language - Lightweight markup language (web) which is easily converted to HTML. 
  • MD file - Extract form Markdown language.
  • MD file feature - Source code version control. use plain text (may include inline text symbols) for styling.
  • MD file in GitHub - README.md is most commonly used md file. Also pull request and gits.
Most common syntax of .md file
  1. Mention people - @galib
  2. Heading (h1-h6)  - #Hi I am <h1> tag. ######Hi I am <h6> tag.
  3. Bold - **bold*,__also bold__
  4. Italic - *italic*, _italic_
  5. Strikethrough - ~~strikethrough~~
  6. Order list - 1.parent
        1. Child
  7. Unordered list - *patent *child[whit tab]
  8. Emoji for md file - https://www.webpagefx.com/tools/emoji-cheat-sheet/